– an epistle to randy and lizzy –

Adopted brother and sister of mine,
how’s the weather where you are?
Is Ohio kindly cruel or cruelly kind?
Is Toronto still on your hearts?

Today, I write a love letter to you,
with passion only a big brother can give.
May these thoughts I have adorn you,
as you two and dear Mew love and live.

You both spoke of heinous circumstances,
within respective childhoods you fought.
A whirlwind of fine chemical romances,
you found abuse in woods so lost.

I believe in the stings of childish hurt,
but like you, I survived my blows.
Though wounds can leave someone desert,
forgiveness can help relieve woes.

Excuse my pacifist possession,
words you may have heard before.
Excuse my lacking of discretion,
though it’s words you’ll say once more.

I pray you recognize great strength
when letting doves take flight.
Time to heal can’t claim one length,
but the clock can tick tonight.

These are my advising claims;
consideration I won’t take for granted.
For children that tried and did maim,
retaliate with this gracious anthem.

I leave you two with hugs in faith,
that you’ll blossom among weeds in time.
Love others, and please love yourselves,
adopted brother and sister of mine.

D.J. Whisenant


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