– think of lorna –

two lovebirds’ engagement, but
IN-HELL… over
one raven’s arrangement.
In-re-tail-I work
hard in spite of danger, so
I’M-SWELL… over
visits from a stranger, but

Lorna’s not so strange though…
a normal customer.
Chit-chat made some change so…
words from a custom her.
Talk of daughters, talk of art,
talk of cakes made from the heart –
she called  me romantic; I
denied that remark.

Guess I’ll keep walking blind
through purgatory for
Lorna, Mary, Miss Dee, and all
clients who tell stories, so
thank you Lorna… your
concern saved the day. Just a
mile closer… on
heaven’s great highway.

D.J. Whisenant


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