– american t-shirt –

The color of cotton and the color of my skin, plus the color of candor for this cloth I’m in – when is a t-shirt just a t-shirt, when there’s no feelings hurt, pride in the dirt? Battle cries stated at the front line; these harsh words stay on my mind: ‘Black man, don’t ever […]

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– no curtains –

Would you like a peep show… on Ferry Access Road? See it from the railroad… straight into my window. Let me know now if you want to, and if you like what you see. Let you know now what I won’t do: ex- pose all my privacy. Just a taste, just a touch… just a […]

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– well-protected –

STAND on my own two feet like a grown man should be at 28. PLAN details of each week like I already know that I will be late, and yet for the times, for the signs, for the rhymes that I  just can’t put together, there’s someone, somebody, some being holding on, holding me forever. […]

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– into the flame –

The day I left Ohio, my mother took a break to cry, then I surely rolled my eye right at her motherly way. Mamma Bear, don’t you know your baby was born to burn? This I have most surely learned, your baby was born to burn. Let this ink spill o’er my hands; let it […]

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– challenging times –

Hey best friend, you know my story, from Yarab to Daniel to Elliott’s glory. Yes best friend, you want the best, some union of souls that you can bless. Is that why you challenged me, dutifully, to date and/or mate beautifully? Good thing there’s no deadline; my black ass in the dash is lagging behind. […]

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