– a little less winehouse, a little more legend –

Amy claims that love is a losing game…

John states we were made to love…

I would enjoy watching a debate tournament between the two.

Worthy as each opponent would be,
valid as their respective arguments both would be,
I would award the higher point to the latter.

We were indeed made to love,
and not just for each other as a form of romance.
We, you and I, were sent here for ourselves,
to nurture, empathize, and forgive
what we carry before and within us at all times.
We were made to understand the beauty of love,
even in the most distasteful moments of the contest.
And even when love is a losing hand,
that shouldn’t stop us from playing another round,
perfecting our game play,
refining our skill.
We will never have any chance to win
if we give up the act.

Therefore, we were indeed made  to love.

D.J. Whisenant


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