– american t-shirt –

July 31
July 31, 2016 – On a train to New London, CT, chest hair out and what not. Never imagined wearing this shirt would be an issue outside of Memorial Day or 4th of July. However, I’m glad what happened that day happened because it forced me to think about how I truly feel about being an American, especially at this present time.

The color of cotton and
the color of my skin, plus
the color of candor for
this cloth I’m in –
when is a t-shirt just a t-shirt,
when there’s no feelings hurt, pride in the dirt?
Battle cries stated at the front line;
these harsh words stay on my mind:

‘Black man, don’t ever wear something that represents America.’

‘I wouldn’t be caught dead in that shirt; I hate America.’

They’re fed up, can’t you see? No
patience for false liberty. As
for me, D-O-N-T-E, to
burn garments? I’m not ready.
They’re fed up, and I am too, for
falsehood in and out of view, but
head to toe, glasses to shoes, to
burn garments? No can do.

D.J. Whisenant


5 thoughts on “– american t-shirt –

      1. You’re the Man. I know Mark has raved about you for ages but I am a lazy woman and had not been quick enough of the mark. However, your writing is so impressive – I hear a bit of Gil Scott-Heron and the like. Keep on doing what you are doing.

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