– relearning spanish –

‘No, lo siento,’ one phrase I do know, on the golden road to another life… ‘Yo bebo leche,’ random to recite every day, but it does my body good ev’ry night. Where am I going? What am I saying? How am I doing in the game I playing? What am I feeling when I am […]

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– quit crying d.j. –

There’s no time left to be ap- palled… summer came and went; my hormones well- spent. Heat a- scended, descended, and sent me up the wall. When placing blame, who should I call? There’s no time left to be a- fraid… I just come and go; my feet I now know. Waves a- scend, descend, and bend […]

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– relationship status –

Who knows how many times I checked your profile in the time I’ve known of you, known I might love you. Who knows how many times I’ve seen the word  ‘single’… don’t you feel a slight tingle… to do more than mingle? ~ Perhaps, you’re waiting, anticipating, the right one worth waiting for; I see […]

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– nick –

Met a man named Nick at the local DMV, war vet, handicapped, and quite elderly. Know a man named Nick from the 330, single dad, gamer guy, and my food hero. Knew a man named Nick in the brotherhood – all his traits I cannot state or recall like I should, but they are men […]

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– an epiphany on the clock –

The morning sun plays hide and seek with the backroom windows. Dust dances off the shelves, and I tend to my assigned tasks. I am preparing the area for the holiday rush. I am rearranging and reorganizing. I am continuing my supervisor’s plan to tidy up and tighten up. That is the moment the sunlight touches me, […]

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