– an epiphany on the clock –

The morning sun plays hide and seek with the backroom windows.
Dust dances off the shelves, and I tend to my assigned tasks.
I am preparing the area for the holiday rush.
I am rearranging and reorganizing.
I am continuing my supervisor’s plan to tidy up and tighten up.
That is the moment the sunlight touches me, right upon my face.
And with the light comes awareness, nourishing and needed…

This is a role I’ve played a thousand times over.

Aid with the transition.

Help usher in the new era.

Assist in changing the system.

No longer am I the dutiful employee or the sweet young man from the Midwest…

I am the angel,
the comforter who helps you cross over to the other side,
the lantern used to see through the dark forest,
the song sung to get you through the storm.

For however long it will take, wherever it will take me,
that is my purpose.

D.J. Whisenant

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