– hell of a drug –

Take me to detox… drag me if you need to. Pray to kill the pain… Spirit, won’t you pull me through? What a scam, what a scam, what a sham it’s all been – “hungover” in my dirty bed… holed up in my dirty room… hellish in my dirty head. D.J. Whisenant

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– glimpse –

Met KP today… hipster, hugger, laugher, lover. Close in likeness to a Rolling Stone, calling all the earth his home. Keeps his credit card strong; glamorous life above all else… what kind of loop is he on? What narrative does he write himself? He gave me just a little peek, just a small window for […]

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– lend my ear –

I won’t let your voice get lost … what- ever tone and shape it takes, I’ll hear each breaking sound. If it all torpedoes down, when it all torpedoes down, find shelter in my ear drum; your words will be found. D.J. Whisenant

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– stand above –

Two feet stand too deep in the most foul fecal matter. One mind without sleep, ping pong with before and after – quiet this graveyard chatter, at dawn we’ll find some laughter, and once again, we can stand. Two hands are shaking with the most violent emotion. One land is quaking, ping pong with every […]

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