– the return –

Home for a moment… a site to rest, a sight to see if you believe. Home for a moment… to check up on Ma and many faces. Home for a moment… for a quick test, for a quick little memory. Home for a moment… to change up my path to many places, then I’ll hit […]

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– stable gable –

Under a roof… …within a window, covered with care… …watching the end fold. If this gable is not stable, best believe I’ll make it so. If my table is not able, please believe I’ll fix it so. ~ ~ D.J. Whisenant

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– retaliation –

Place the weapon in your hand, or let them taste it from your lips. Does ‘revenge’ make you a man with each reload of ev’ry clip? ‘In the Name of the Father,’ so you state to us all, ‘we’ll destroy your sons and daughters.’ Welcome to your violent fall. ~ Shameless is your choice… such a […]

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– drippin’ in lysol –

James is the illest… no, really – Jimmy is out with a stomach bug. Jay’s not chillin’… metaphorically, she’s paranoid and fired up. “Spray the store down with the Lysol you found!” That’s what she told me. “Wipe the keyboard, mouse, and the phone down,” once upon a morning. ~ Drippin’ and droppin’ I see, […]

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