– make way –

On the inside, the

joy and anguish seek collision,

in its own unique precision,

for combustion, and if I

took the time to listen,

took the chance to empathize,

with promise, I’d realize the

need to trust Him. So, make

way, two of the fastest

cars… in the

bright light, no colliding in the

dark. It’s a

risk… but tell me when is it

not? Need to make

way, for the crash within my




D.J. Whisenant




9 thoughts on “– make way –

  1. I loved this, it has that feeling of yearning and aching, yet surrounded by a layer of wisdom, or even intuition. You know what, sometimes, it’s hard to find the right words to express my response to prose, however, I felt something strong when I read this. Thank you – I think I now know where my solar plexus is – and it has been stirred. Peace, Harlon

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