– led me to hartford –

Angel, angel, angel, you’re

sneaky in your ways,

conning me for the greater good here

in these evil days.

Angel, angel, angel, you

sent me on the road,

to a foreign capital for a

face I didn’t know. I

bought that ticket to New Haven for

you, but you then disappeared. My

boss rearranged my schedule

too, and I could not stay here. I

took that train on a Tuesday, then

hopped on Peter Pan. To

Hartford I did go, new

sight was the plan.


Tangled, tangled, tangled, I’m

caught in city gaze,

caressing me throughout the hours in

downtown Hartford maze.

Tangled, tangled, tangled, I

caught a homeless man, an

angel on the town skywalk –

what a circumstance. I

brought some lunch in Hartford for

two, inside the state house square. My

wallet tossed out some dollars

too – from what I saw as fair. I

climbed back aboard Peter Pan, then

took the next train home. From

Hartford I did leave, new

sight I had known.



D.J. Whisenant



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