– your own hero –

Looking at idols to speak on your behalf –

put red capes on, save your little world.

Understandable… and

useless, in a way.

Looking at idols to stop the wildfire –

superpower on, rescue your night.

Logical… yet you

can’t fight for YOUR day?


Idols and the superhuman can only do so much, so

make your own cape, know power in your touch.

Idols and the superhuman will live how they see fit, so

try saving yourself – speak now, and never quit.



D.J. Whisenant


3 thoughts on “– your own hero –

  1. make your own cape

    I did this when I was 3. Tied a belt from my neck to banister and a towel for cape and jumped down a flight of 20 stairs. When I landed(unscathed) I was choking on the end of the banister. Mother started to beat me before checking if I was injured.

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