– i don’t say i love you –


don’t remember everybody’s

birthday… I

don’t congratulate each newly-

wed… I

forget names of people’s pets and

offspring… I

keep some truths unspoken and un-

said… My

social game at times is sui-

cidal… The

blanket on my bed is my best

friend… so

Facebook is my one source for re-

cital… to

dance around those three words in my


Face-to-face, my care

leaves-its-trace, and it’s

true-in-verse: actions

o-ver-words, but

somehow I still consume guilt so

vital… I

don’t say I love you until you’re




D.J. Whisenant


2 thoughts on “– i don’t say i love you –

  1. Wow! I can’t describe the feeling I had when I read this. I suppose the best I can do is say, you wrote the words that express a feeling and a state that I have left unexpressed and I do believe that is what this elegant expression of yours is about…what we leave unexpressed. Peace brother, Harlon

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