– the devil I don’t know –

Angelic you are, deep down through my arm. Bleed down ev’ry vein, my 10 out of 10, and as I descend into madness, once more and more soon thereafter, I do not sense sneaky sadness, hidden behind sweetest laughter. Yes, I am the utmost glad this soul compelled you to make chatter… but just who are you… and who […]

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– the photographer –

May I fall through your lens, my darling? May I shoot my shot while you’re shooting me? Do you hear my helpless heart calling? It’s the beat and the drum that’s ruling me. Click-click… let me be your muse, click-click… every frame you use. Are you not the California dream that I’ve been looking for? […]

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– my benediction –

Pick me up, when I pick myself apart again. Stitch me up, when I bust open each of my limbs. DON’T FAIL ME, don’t bail on this convict, with less conviction. DON’T FAIL ME, don’t bail if I’m wanted. My benediction ~ is a plea longer than most, a beggar’s breath I cannot boast, looks […]

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– malibu times two –

Opulent was the way in front of me, ocean upon ocean to my left. An obstacle the first time, sand and dirt were all mine, sunbaking any sense I had left. Opulent was the earth beneath me, hills and housing to my right. A breeze the second round, staring the sunset down, night made my […]

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