– imaginary –

Why didn’t I think of this be-

fore? Hell –

why didn’t I just


Stop wasting my time on lust and

crushes; start

creating my own sweet boo 


If I’ll be distracted, let it

be by my creation, a

beautifully flawed delight, my

imagined sensation.


You shall be named Oswald, not much shorter than me, with

hipster eyes you can’t disguise, and love from head to feet.

You shall be named Oswald, and if you’re sadder than me, I’ll

dry your eyes and tell no lies, for you are part of me.

D.J. Whisenant


7 thoughts on “– imaginary –

  1. hipster eyes you can’t disguise,

    Unfortunately too many of his breed are able to maintain the disguise. They are predators with no sense of guilt or compassion. Having been a player of sorts on the streets of Miami a few decades or so I’ve learned to recognize them, smell them and run the other way. Sometimes, however, I let them feel I’ve been seduced to to enjoy their progression of the scam and then disappear before they can really bury the knife. I was not always successful at first but that “we’re forever buddies” after just five minutes is certainly the red flag.

    1. WOW, that’s a loaded comment Carl. I guess at the end of the day, as long as “Oswald” wouldn’t be afraid to sing and dance with me in public, and be weird, that’s what matters. HAHAHA!

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