– the list –

The other day, I reached

for my handy dandy note-

book – ironically,

Blue was the color.

It was a necessity

to get my thoughts off the

hook, and hopefully,

I would uncover…

what a real mate for my

crush would look like, all the

details and dimensions that

one needs to provide. Is it

anywhere damn close to

what I could bring,

what I could grant –

what I could sing? Sta-


bility, agility, in-

tegrity, and loyalty – an

eloquent gentleman who values

love like its royalty –

someone to be weird with, some-

one who can kick it with all the

gang, the closest bunch, at the

beach or out for brunch, then I

put my pen down after awhile,

looking for some forced way to smile,

for I know right now that is not

me. By the

time I catch up to your step,

you will have already left,

’cause some bastard swept you off your



D.J. Whisenant


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