– mask off –

Nobody’s ghoul friend tonight, I am not the demon unseen before, hide under beds, closets, or sheds, my mask is burnt to red hot ash. I’m slaying with heart wide open here, hacking each victim far and near. Don’t treat me like I’m Casper, and don’t say you were not warned. ~ ~ D.J. Whisenant […]

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– three stars –

I gave good face in a similiar space, and in return saw three stars. Should I retreat and admit defeat or try to raise unseen bars? The inside has broken down again from lack of starlight… from lack of sustainability… from losing day and night.  ~ ~ D.J. Whisenant

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– just us –

Are you down for the fight tonight? Run with me throughout the dark, a dark so black just like our skin and gunning with as much heart. Then, we’ll shoot our blazing arrows, burn and rage and engage. Watch them fly higher than sparrows – Fan. The. Flames. When seeking justice, it’s comical how it’s […]

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– heated –

Steady scorcher on the coast. Inland flame does the most. No breath to breathe when rescuing my bones from the heat. Is your skeleton on a slow burn too? Are your veins about to combust? Then grab the ice, make it right, in Frigidaire we trust. Today we take it down some degrees, ’cause cool […]

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– head snaps back –

I got a history of looking back at history, there’s no mystery except running through shit that can’t be changed, can’t be wiped off, can’t rearrange. I latch on to the past, in almost ev’ry act, and it leaves my mouth with the sweetest of bitter tastes… and then I cry baby; no manhood could […]

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– no competition –

Someone should have gave you a memo; somebody should have warned you so. Ev’ry day in my mind reeks of death row, so it’s sad how you throw your stones. Got my own rocks poured in one sock then I beat away on the regular. Can’t taze, can’t take my life away when I knock myself […]

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