– blood lost –

For me to exit home, I had to make a sacrifice. Should’ve recognized this deal at the time… for placing all my trust into giving one piece up of the ex- istence that was solely  mine. For me to exit home, I had to leave one kind of trace. Should’ve seen it in sweet bitter […]

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– lilt –

See the pep in my step, catch the spring in my walk, no need to brag or talk that talk. I’m tripping the light, fantastic feet. Glide on concrete, Astaire envy. Bounce ’cause I can I want I need to feed; got to go to get what I know and need. Movement on the one… […]

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– what they want –

The crowd wants dancing. They want the laughter, the goofiness, the positive, far-out vibes. They desire the awkward, questionable facial expressions, the messy, inappropriate one-liners. They enjoy the fireworks that come with a vibrant and radiant frequency of energy, in most moments unplanned, the expected spontaneity of a community clown. I would too. I wouldn’t […]

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– solace –

Shut the door, shut the door. Peace is where you find it, even with the noise heard outside four walls. Clothes off, doze off for the hour if you can.  Aliens need comfort from the galaxy after all. You have plans to put this saucer in motion, but attention to self goes first. You have […]

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– demand more –

Talk to the mirror ’bout confidence… question her ’bout accountability. Con- front tired eyes ’bout laziness, when  action cries out for your dyin’ dream. Don’t you weigh more, cave more, crave more, e- nough to ask the hardest questions, em- brace uneasy answers from all the uneasy lessons? Stop the guessing, start demanding. Quit the […]

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– last christmas –

This could be my last Christmas, or the last one as I know it. If only I could recall the last Jesus Day spent with Ma. December 25, 2014… blur is the word. Did we eat turkey at home alone? Did we feast on goose at someone else’s table? What were the presents we gave? […]

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