– etched in my mind –

I won’t forget even when I should. I’m in- capable… it’s incredible. What pencil, what utensil was used on my memory? Sketched up the portraits I can’t burn, etched up and open to the lessons learn. Art from the dark, ’til death do I part, will be more than just a memory. ~ False flags, […]

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– foreseeable future –

Los Angeles, CA January 28, 2028 12:01 a.m. My home is located off of Wilshire Boulevard, humble, but abundant. I connect aptly with my neighbors. I create art within my spaces. I control anxiety without my vices. Such a future I have built for my vessel. The sweet importance of these statements I will hold […]

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– seraglio –

In my palace, lovers would sleep lavish- ly, fine sheets in the quarters of my freaks. They’d eat right, money tight, why would they fight over any damn thing, even over me? I dream of black and gold as the color scheme, on the walls and the linen, Midas slight grinnin’, glistenin’ in sunlight in […]

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– elliott, revisited –

My most deranged theory yet has been officially debunked. Distance hasn’t been far enough. Time hasn’t been long enough. Now, I’m jumping cannonball-style back into the cesspool of nostalgia-ridden fantasies about all that never was. The 26th of January just might turn into the best “worst anniversary” yet… let’s celebrate! ~ ~ D.J.W.   

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– claws upon –

Only those who define the term “malnourished” circle me, vultures, many older, in need of some heat to grow less colder. Flattery is a bride of Dracula, a restless middle-age siren making waves just to wreck my vessel on voyage. Can one label them predators though if their target already accepts the role of prey? […]

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