– fascination –

Black skater boy from Canton O-H, I owe you some explanation for the 1,000,001 questions I ask about your wheels of fury, your melanin drip, your unpolished savoir faire, your porcelain soul. You, the weird negro originally more or less from my neck of the woods, are a spell I cannot help but be bound […]

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– the dishwasher –

I am the dishwasher. I am also the dish water. I am every food particle left behind and forgotten. I am the trash can filled with such bits and crumbs, always never completely filled before being emptied into the dumpster at the end of each work day. I am the pans, buckets, bowls, and utensils, […]

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– repetition –

Yikes… Ouch… Damn… Uh-oh…  Yikes… Ouch… Damn… Uh-oh… It’s about that time again, a brand new crush on a brand new friend. Cue romantic scores of music… It’s the way I play pretend, acting too cool for school is when I cradle fantasy then abuse it. Yikes I say unhealthy way to handle lust for […]

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– tension –

I sense the tension in how close I am to receiving all that I asked for. It presses deep on my spine, cripples much of my right hand, and stiffens at least half of my toes… this all means that one hell of a hard lesson is close by as well. I don’t want to […]

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– fraudulent –

“Can’t fake the feeling,” it says. “Can’t play pretend in the role of Mr. Positivity,” the universe says… then what’s the point? It’s not as if I’m using my sunshine just for my own gain; people I know are suffering in their dim private worlds. These prayers for their troubles cannot ring hollow, not in […]

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