– almost a people person –

I was able to speak to Josiah without fear of turning into a statue if I stared too long at his godly face.

I was able to have full conversations with the goddesses Chazzy and Shelby and view the minds behind the muses.

I was able to express my grateful heart to Abdul and thank him for being a godsend from the clouds… or from Croydon.

I was able to reunite with Reshae and celebrate the Lord’s Day with pricey salads and fancy schmancy ice cream.

I was even able to inform the demigod DJ Def Sound how divine his own song was.  

If it were not, however, for the continuing violence in my mind,

the terror in my daydreams,

the ungodly role play with foes and ghosts of fake friends past…

I just might consider myself a person of the people,

one who is not plague by wicked spirits and entities,

one who does not take 30 years to bloom in full, 

one who is 110% adaptable, inviting, and






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