– belizean brit –

My college peer Britnae has stood the test of time. Carrying the same Long Island spunk from our last face-to-face, marriage and motherhood have not watered down Mrs. Tillett, even in the home stretch of a second pregnancy. If reality is a blazing building, Belizean Brit is holding the matches AND the gasoline. The nerve […]

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– quiet child –

Hey quiet child, I know it doesn’t look factual but you matter to me. Yes quiet child, your silence is your bond but you still sing sweet harmony, so beat your chest to the beat or not, closed fist straight wrist. Bang your chest in the street or not, wide palm your psalm. Every day […]

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– a million private realms –

The Brentwood real estate agent who hikes through the Topanga Mountains alone could very well be the estranged brother of the East Hollywood dominatrix who works part-time at a diner on Vermont Avenue alongside the widowed cook who lives in Koreatown with his financially-struggling daughter who sells drugs to both her fellow USC students and […]

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– midnight writer –

The words will roll out when needed, even if there is a breakthrough of dark midnight, of neon 1 o’clock, or 2 o’clock, even 3 o’clock, any clock that possesses the witchcraft that is time. The words will shape into whatever is needed for the cosmos, gregarious or closed off, resurgent or dormant, any shape […]

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– serenading jose loco –

There are two Joses at one of my temp jobs; “Jose Loco” is the one my hands work most frequently and efficiently with. Between eyes forever shaped darkly and weighed down and a smile forever light and innocent, Jose Loco could actually be one of the more sane employees on the job. Arriving for my […]

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