– yes andre –

If you ask me to help you get away with murder, I’ll simply reply, “yes Andre,” calling you by your first name instead of the middle name you prefer to be called. If you want me to help you steal a car, I’ll simply reply, “yes Andre” to confirm I will always ride AND die for your cause. If you need a kidney, a liver, or a left toe,  I’ll simply reply, “yes Andre” and expose every piece of flesh I can sacrifice for your preservation,

and if you ask “why create such wild scenarios, Donté” instead of asking “why create such wild scenarios, D.J.,” it will give me all the silly hope I need to make our names dynamic and inseparable, bonded by more than our roles as two chocolate-colored “queer-o-sexuals” from northeastern Ohio striving to live among the millions of faceless names underneath the Hollywood Hills. 





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