– $10,000,000 man –

If a cool 10 mil was put into my sweaty palms today, I would love to find belief in the likelihood I’d give up much of the lira and loot.

Hand it off to the hands of strangers and strange charities?

How strange of me, for family comes first.

Madre could see the world and engage in a real retirement.

Vic could aid and minister to her students with more teaching tools. Dez and Liz could create more masterpieces of music that would change the world. Nicholaus could land his dream home and provide more stability for his babes. Spirits who invested in my works could wallow in the comfort of repayment. The brothers could live without immediate worry of asking for allocation. The sisters could continue to thrive with an extra boost from brother D.J.

Padre could stop working and start living the way his art does.

We could make mincemeat out of the word “debt.”

We could take $10,000,000 and make the cents make sense.

We could invest in the universe and receive that investment back tenfold.

We could all teach the world that dollars do not corrupt every mortal.

More to the point –

I could rest knowing a cool 10 mil set numerous hearts, minds, and souls blazing with opportunity and grand fortune.    


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