– confessing to the universe –

There is no faking joy in the game of spiritual awakening.




What there seems to be is more correct breathing every day,

discovering memes on the ‘gram related to the “true origins” of man,

an inconsistency in remembering that coincidence is not a real word and reacting accordingly,

a consistency of unhealthy sleeping patterns (a lifelong experience),

eating healthier and wiser until the next slice of barbecue chicken pizza comes along,

making attempts to meditate in the morning only to get caught red-handed in The Shaderoom for hours on end,

a failure to completely release my resentment towards those who’ve wronged me,

a failure to completely release my regret for my wrong actions against others,

and life-threatening struggles in letting all worry subside, in trusting the messages that are in front of me and within me, in erasing 30 years of programmed fear from my system, and in simply believing this game will bless me with the victory I’ve needed all along. 





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