– a success –

I am a queer man of color living on a plain that cross-examines most of my merit and emphasizes much of my fault. I too live in my triumph, I too learn from my tragedy… does that not brand me a success?  ~ ~ D.J.W Advertisements

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– peace of me –

Son of mother, crumb of cake, hand of clock, all these pieces of nouns with no natural bridge to one another, all still important connections in the larger conspiracy. Just the same, this peace of me is my child, my descendant, a legacy less palpable than live flesh and just as vital. It has taken […]

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– fool body –

Praise be to those who do not know the weight of ghosts that cannot appear to them, they who muscle up, level up, rise up with better effort than the weaker vessels trapped in a recycled purgatory with their misfortunate hauntings. Why blame them for not encompassing a pain they never had to endure or […]

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– no string along –

When I cut ’em, it should be more clean, precise, straightforward. This land is blanketed with children and their lazy children’s play. I am not child. I am not the collector of energy that will sit idly in the prettiest of jar. Let me not play puppetmaster to the invested. ~ ~ D.J.W.

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– the beyoncé of the group –

Everyone seemingly desires to be the Beyoncé in their circle of friends… as if the title of ‘Queen Bey’ places them in a happily ever after world of pristine platinum records, multi-million dollar endorsements, and vivacious vacations when and where no issue. I, however, now behold the glory in being the Kelly of the group… […]

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