– 3. cool sea breezes –

No more a disaster than before the catastrophe, much less a nightmare than after the abandoned dream – just as the heat adorns my spirit after the flames, I sense new life is born before the ocean waves. ~ I float out to the shore… sun peeking through endless, eternal clouds. The scent of something more… one hope has […]

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– 1. inferno –

If I could save the world from burning, Lord knows that I would, but I can’t keep love solely turning, like the way you do. It’s the way you go about, as we all expire, this earth is done, nowhere to run, Ve- suvius bonfire. ~ I understand… we never stood a chance… nope… so what can we […]

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– 2. the ruins –

Floating in the ashes are ghosts of what we used to be, under charcoal skies, light whistles of the wind. Air and ember mashes while wasted woods are what we see. No tears we do cry; there’s no need to pretend. ~ I, especially, feel no sense of ruin among the ruins a- round me…. […]

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