– an epistle to matthew b. –

You may never read such words on nights either fiery or frozen. Still, in case you haven’t heard, for this letter, you are chosen. I did not see your headlight coming, in the eve of a promising June. Naturally, I started my running, knowing broken friendly gloom. Dirty looks and nicknames aside, we fell upon simple understanding. You understood my […]

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– an epistle to lukas –

My brother, and I do mean my brother, I hope these words treat you respectfully. Time has sprinted since we faced each other; it may get harder for you to remember me.   I would discuss the pleasures of our past, conquering Kentucky, ATL, and Chi City, that song we wrote and those talks that’d […]

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– an epistle to donald –

My would-be friend… my could-have-been protector, I write to you a note, despite my status as deflector.   I received your package, the discs showcasing your craft. You were poised in your voice, your message never daft.   I attempted to read your own note, written for my lone eyes. My mind though could only […]

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