– mightier –

My will to write the following words is mightier than my hunger for diversion from progression: I possess a history of imbalance. I keep distraction hidden under my pillow or in my back pocket for protection. I stick my nose into my phone instead of my books. I play pretend to disarm potential foes. I […]

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– a bowl of serial –

The thought that I project my daytime misconceptions onto the objects of my fantasies feels inconceivable to my eyes. Most are trapped in their own live-action melodramas, too distracted to tune into my television station and replicate the frequency. It’s a hidden upside to my invisibility, my privacy in writing, producing, directing, and editing the […]

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– invocation –

You cannot wish the nuisance away, creating risk of a greater nuclear catastrophe in the open field between you two. To design one solution from one such problem, start with a lift of genuine affirmation up to the sky. Speak clarity into the dilemma. Speak forward movement and development into the gnat that flutters about […]

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– the self and the harm –

Fun fact: I take a thousand avenues each day to victimize myself, to sabotage my spirit, to either relive each unresolved trauma or reimagine each scenario to justify a scene of should-have-been antiheroism or even downright villany in retaliation to my hurt. This is the pavement I set foot upon in response to a sense […]

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– true and false –

It feels like it was false on my end. The emotion was true, but only after I was given information that permitted it to be. It was grand and generous of you to touch me first. It was grand and generous of you to expose your space to me, even in the most public of […]

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– no pyrrhic victory –

I vanquish these scenarios from the outcome of this “war”. In fact, I burn this illustration of conflict altogether, this lost painting now returned to the galaxy, all of its ashes blown like glitter, like confetti, like stardust from busy hands into a Nikon lens for a fun photo op. There is no need to […]

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– five –

I will meet me halfway, then walk the path all the way. No discount to keep my five fingers sticky – I will pay full price if it means getting the most out of the product. This is not a road meant for all feet to tread upon, the sweet chaotic of a tornado in […]

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