– fashion confessional –

Dress up the ire I bear over the receiver as respect. Tow the line between real life and reel agony with each question asked as, or similar to, “when are you coming to Birmingham to visit?” I long for “YIKES!” to be a sufficient response to your constant inquiry. I pray that pettiness is kept […]

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– blended is the bro –

Let me take an educated guess and declare you had long uncovered the expiration date hidden on your product. Therefore, you delivered a bouquet of middle fingers to your contract and loved ever fiercely with a level of consistency and discipline only so few children can master in their childish ways. You did not know […]

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– pro vision –

Beauty, do no harm, for this trial has already been declared deceased and decayed along with the nightmares unseen yet still set those sad tingles on your heartstrings. Each season is your season because you allow the sun to stand in solidarity with your essence, so stand solid. ~ ~ D.J.W.

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– the block is hot –

Let these actions be birthed from spite not. This is a fairest form of self-care, a curse upon distraction and sabotage and a blessing upon each beautiful stranger I’ll never bless in the flesh. My sorcery is a work in progress, yet my fingertips feel the power sprouting from each touch laid onto touchscreen. Therefore, […]

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– almighty –

‘Limit’ is not in the vocabulary of this spirit, a stubborn big warbler with a song proudly exhaled from the diaphragm and not the throat. ‘Limit’ is not in the vocabulary of this spirit, an meddlesome journeyman who comes across the hell and high water and treks into the fire and flood ever courageously. ‘Limit’ […]

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– a success –

I am a queer man of color living on a plain that cross-examines most of my merit and emphasizes much of my fault. I too live in my triumph, I too learn from my tragedy… does that not brand me a success?  ~ ~ D.J.W

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