– rain on a weekday morning –

The twister has landed inside, rearranging my possessions, strangling my obsessions. It’s more difficult, even dangerous, to clean up the remains. It’s more dire, for I’m tired, to handle chores and gain. If I fight just long enough, if I fight at all, this time, the weather will change its course soon and very soon. […]

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– jouska –

Naturally… the conversation starts with a little rambling on my end, starting off innocent, even cute. Gradually, however, things get neurotic, and the magic of my madness exposes itself. My attempts to keep my little talks contained lead to failure, creeping into every facet of my face. Strangers may take notice, strangers may go about […]

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– couples counseling –

In this abusive relationship with my reflection, let’s take a moment to resolve pressing matters though communication, listening without blame games in our responses, just comprehension and recognition of each viewpoint. ~ My most blessed enemy, how you portray yourself as ‘the constant downer’, ‘the fatal frowner’, ‘America’s Next Top Party Pooper’, on the opposing side of this […]

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– nicholaus –

Nicholaus, you are on my mind in this moment. Many of these glimpses shamefully come few and far between these days. Not that far in distance and time, you were placed in my eyes front and heavy… just like many were before you and, I believe, many will be after you. ~ Something smooth in […]

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