– words hidden –

When you physically ache before

posting something you wrote because

you know your mother will read it,

that’s when you know the inspiration cuts deep.

Sadly, I’ve been to the emergency room once before and

can’t afford another bill,

with or without insurance.

I guess these thoughts will have to wait to see

light on some other day,

one that’s more stable and

fulfills a narrative that

doesn’t destroy me

from the inside out.

D.J. Whisenant

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– an epiphany on the clock –

The morning sun plays hide and seek with the backroom windows. Dust dances off the shelves, and I tend to my assigned tasks. I am preparing the area for the holiday rush. I am rearranging and reorganizing. I am continuing my supervisor’s plan to tidy up and tighten up. That is the moment the sunlight touches me, […]

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– endless possibility –

You could be a closeted racist. You could be an ignorant prick in hiding. You could be as shallow as the kiddie pool next door. You could be a career criminal in the making. You could be a silent abuser towards humanity… and still somehow, in some form, you could also be the greatest love I may […]

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– hit a wall –

The momentum from June was distinguishable. Fiery. Dangerous. Grand with emotion, expression, excitement, the words to paint my life came naturally. And then… the ashes of July just sat there… and sat there… and sat there… and sat there some more. I had some fine work here and there, crafted to pick up steam, designed […]

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