– invisible ink –

Writing and typing up list upon list… no sign or sight of a Christmas wish, just persons unknown like a bum with no home – they complement my energy. Will I put down the pen of invisible ink? Will I give my life’s blood to revision? Can I put down the pen of invisible ink? […]

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– susana, gabriel, verdugo –

What gorgeous hands molded you all? My eyes long to know the answer. Bold with wonder, I cling to fantasy of wandering over and under all that you three possess. Forgive those unfortunate, foolish, ungrateful, and blind enough to not recognize royalty right in front of them. I will not be one who takes any of you for granted. […]

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– motorola lovin’ –

Our text messages tell the tale of our romance. New emojis create new pages in our narrative. Every “good morning, my darling”, each “good night and sweetest of dreams”, all the back and forth of adoration between us – they all cover my palms in gold, and while my fingers do not tremble, my heart […]

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