I’m burning… out.

Hello everyone. Long story short – my current fight with depression has made my thought process for writing beyond cloudy, and I just cannot convey anything fresh and original at the moment. I am disappointed because I do believe there is still inspiration around me, but to write something that is worthy of my growth […]

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Guess who had the best year ever?

Hello everyone! I pray you all are having a fantastic holiday season. 2015 has been without a doubt the most life-affirming year ever for me, always for better and never worse. Between leaving the comforts of the Midwest for the unfamiliarity of the east coast, finding a job in the retail industry, eating foods that I never would […]

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Happy Turkey Day!

Hello everyone! I pray everyone is having a fantastic Thanksgiving. I was planning to write and post a piece for tonight (especially considering everything that I went through today “celebrating” Thanksgiving by myself in Manhattan – I have so much inspiration for new material). Instead, I’ll just state that I am thankful for having the necessities that I have. […]

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Guess who’s leaving the Midwest…

Hi everyone! In guess you haven’t already guessed from my recent writing, I am relocating from Ohio to Connecticut. In fact, I am leaving this evening, and I could not be more excited, nervous, petrified, or hopeful over this change in my life. I don’t know when I’ll be returning to this blog, but when […]

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It’s that time of year again…

Happy National Poetry Month to all of you! So here’s the situation: a year ago, I was able to celebrate by not only writing and posting an original piece each day, but also re-blogging the incredible work of many of you all here on WordPress. Of course, this was easy because I didn’t have a full-time […]

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This is the new year.

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s Eve and that 2015 will be your best year yet. As you can see, I’ve changed the look of my blog for only the second time since I’ve started it. It was time for a new theme, and now, it is also time for a […]

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A summer update…

Hello everyone! I apologize for not having posted new material in a couple of days. Working 10-12 hours a day for six days this past week has drained me in a number of ways. Luckily, my birthday was this Saturday, and I got to relieve some stress with people I truly care about. Thank you for your continued support, […]

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