Guess who’s back on Twitter?

Hello one and all! Hope everyone is having a fulfilling summer. Just wanted to let you know I once again have a Twitter account. Follow me both there and on Instagram at @dontewhisenant. Also, be on the look out for more content on my Soundcloud (djwwordsandsounds), coming soon.   Thank you as always for your […]

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Happy National Poetry Month!

Hi everyone! I’m visiting San Diego at the moment and wanted to wish you all a happy National Poetry Month here in the U.S. While I had a plan to post a special series of poems this month, circumstances made me realize it would be better to take an official step back from posting on […]

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I contributed to a book!

Hello everyone! I know it’s been quite some time since I’ve written a special post, but this is too big not to keep quiet about… I contributed to a published book! O! Relentless Death: Celebrities, Loss and Mourning is a project created by the brother and sister duo of Andrew and Lee Fearnside, the latter of […]

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I’m burning… out.

Hello everyone. Long story short – my current fight with depression has made my thought process for writing beyond cloudy, and I just cannot convey anything fresh and original at the moment. I am disappointed because I do believe there is still inspiration around me, but to write something that is worthy of my growth […]

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Guess who had the best year ever?

Hello everyone! I pray you all are having a fantastic holiday season. 2015 has been without a doubt the most life-affirming year ever for me, always for better and never worse. Between leaving the comforts of the Midwest for the unfamiliarity of the east coast, finding a job in the retail industry, eating foods that I never would […]

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Happy Turkey Day!

Hello everyone! I pray everyone is having a fantastic Thanksgiving. I was planning to write and post a piece for tonight (especially considering everything that I went through today “celebrating” Thanksgiving by myself in Manhattan – I have so much inspiration for new material). Instead, I’ll just state that I am thankful for having the necessities that I have. […]

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