– elliott of connecticut –

Name is Elliott… raised in Connecticut… such a fine gentleman… won’t be seen again. My heart does beat for him, bleed for him – stranger so strange. My heart does peek for him, creep for him – however deranged. In this time, I’m 28, yet for him, I’m twenty-late. Though to love him would be great, […]

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– insomniac –

For- give me; it could be all my fault… my crazy head claims your sleepless re- sult… They say, “if you can’t get shut eye, it’s be- cause someone is dreaming of you.” So forgive me if such be- lief I see is true. You must be an in- som-ni-ac nowadays, tossing and turning as […]

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– happier –

Are you anxious for daybreak? Are you perky, pumped, and awake? Are you being well-fed? Are you discovering words unsaid? Are you “talking” to someone, finding sparks in the heated action? Is she making you happy? Is he making you whole? Are you plotting out your plans? Are you scheming silent towards “the man”? Are […]

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– you and only you –

It crosses my mind… most of the time… the ache to live without you and only you. Right now, I’m likeable… not quite so fanciful… and I can chill without you and only you. It warms my veins… and relieves just the same… the thought of force and focus on love fresh and new. Right […]

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– walnut beach creamery –

A Milford hot spot to cool my heels… no whipped cream on top, just one shake lid… and while Mad Mollye gives her chocolate-like stare, I glance at the door… and pray you’ll be there. Cruising along for my milky-eyed crush, and do a little good in your neighborhood. Only you and dairy here that’s making […]

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– requiem –

If life were all beer and skittles, if I could stop preparing this requiem for us and I, wouldn’t need shame as an alibi. If night wasn’t caught in the middle… if I could be so daring, this requiem for us and I would never take form, would never fly, but ~ these wings were […]

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