– elliott, revisited –

My most deranged theory yet has been officially debunked. Distance hasn’t been far enough. Time hasn’t been long enough. Now, I’m jumping cannonball-style back into the cesspool of nostalgia-ridden fantasies about all that never was. The 26th of January just might turn into the best “worst anniversary” yet… let’s celebrate! ~ ~ D.J.W.    Advertisements

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– relationship status –

Who knows how many times I checked your profile in the time I’ve known of you, known I might love you. Who knows how many times I’ve seen the word  ‘single’… don’t you feel a slight tingle… to do more than mingle? ~ Perhaps, you’re waiting, anticipating, the right one worth waiting for; I see […]

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– endless possibility –

You could be a closeted racist. You could be an ignorant prick in hiding. You could be as shallow as the kiddie pool next door. You could be a career criminal in the making. You could be a silent abuser towards humanity… and still somehow, in some form, you could also be the greatest love I may […]

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