– elliott, revisited –

My most deranged theory yet has been officially debunked. Distance hasn’t been far enough. Time hasn’t been long enough. Now, I’m jumping cannonball-style back into the cesspool of nostalgia-ridden fantasies about all that never was. The 26th of January just might turn into the best “worst anniversary” yet… let’s celebrate! ~ ~ D.J.W.    Advertisements

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– the most deranged theory i’ve had thus far –

West coast, meet east coast? With one dream burnt like toast, I have the strangest feeling, the most surreal hypothesis. Shutterbug, meet Lawman? With one glimpse to pretend, I have the strangest question, and I know I must honor it… ~ Is it I, is it me, is it D to the J who is […]

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– one last poem about elliott –

A spirit like yours makes Bridgeport wonderful … a spirit like yours makes Connecticut kind … a heart like yours makes the world more bearable … and I’ll always bear weight for never making you mine … ~ Got me through the year, got the words out of me, got a dose of what could’ve been reality. Got […]

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– short story # 2: the and –

I paint us sitting face-to-face in a studio, cards with questions placed on the table between us, cameras rolling to capture as much honesty as we can muster up. “What is one thing you wish you could tell me that you’re afraid to,” you ask upon reading the first card. My hesitant response? “I am […]

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– relationship status –

Who knows how many times I checked your profile in the time I’ve known of you, known I might love you. Who knows how many times I’ve seen the word  ‘single’… don’t you feel a slight tingle… to do more than mingle? ~ Perhaps, you’re waiting, anticipating, the right one worth waiting for; I see […]

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– endless possibility –

You could be a closeted racist. You could be an ignorant prick in hiding. You could be as shallow as the kiddie pool next door. You could be a career criminal in the making. You could be a silent abuser towards humanity… and still somehow, in some form, you could also be the greatest love I may […]

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– the seventh of september –

… your birthday passed … three weeks ago. … tried to find joy … from common woe. … your candles lit … what was your wish? … we both know mine … was for your kiss, yet on the seventh of Sep- tember, my sadness rolled. … the lonely hour … took its good toll. […]

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