– nightfall: sunrise –

Upon the sunrise, I’ll be like-a-bird, as I fly-so-fresh without one-false-chirp. Upon the sunrise, wings will glide-on-gold. Catch me in-sun-light, a sight to-be-hold… then ~ I’ll fly bravely straight into the moonlight, moonlight, moonlight, feel the same breeze in the heat of broad night, dark night, stark night. I’ll spread my wings underneath a street […]

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– nightfall: underground –

Jazz notes still on the dome as I walk right through the kingdom, life in these streets is shown as those three lights do their blinkin’. A common building presents itself, typical and still quite magical. In through the revolving door I guess; in this hour, through doors I go. ~ This new surrounding is the most foreign in all the land. Commoners walk right through me in […]

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– nightfall: wheels on fire –

Burnin’ through this rubber like it’s midnight oil. Roadways crack and stutter as unleaded boils. Tempted by the jungle sound, the safari happens now, with these wheels on fire, fire, fire. Radio shakes the auto down Fifth Avenue. No twinge here of sorrow, just views of the moon. Lying to myself I dare, dashing through the Midwest […]

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– nightfall: wildlife –

They’re calling me in the distance, taunting all of my resistance, chatter from the downtown plain. Hyenas are hollering out, while hippos roam about, and free birds fly high just the same. ~ Would be dangerous to search the sacred land? Would it be sane or nuts to squash my proper plan? NO means NO […]

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