– red star –

  Miles and miles… how light the years. If I wish upon you, will you be generous? Will you carry me through the galaxy, for- give me of my vanities, or are you hollow yourself, fiery and venomous? Shine on either way shine on, far off life may you live on, as I gaze afar… […]

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– thousand oaks –

The only route I know to get to Thousand Oaks involves one train and two buses to the west. Not often do I go down those gold laden roads, but do you mind if I dis- cuss it at my best? It’s such a strange town walk around hills like Kentucky, bus station shop laden […]

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– 1950s love ballad –

In the next round of love… I will slow down the record – light, with a twinkle, just short of innocent, unde- niable… then play it again. There is such a thing as too fast and loose, for this present bop has got me on the move, so darling be patient if you’re here in […]

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