– darling & handsome –

I play pretend in my realm of Technicolor daydreaming. On the schedule this evening, the compelling saga of two foreigners, aliens to the Earth, plotting against all odds to seize it for themselves. The tag team engages in secret language, coded wording known only to them. They scheme… they conspire… they send kissy-face and heart […]

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– imaginary –

Why didn’t I think of this be- fore? Hell – why didn’t I just think? Stop wasting my time on lust and crushes; start creating my own sweet boo  thang. If I’ll be distracted, let it be by my creation, a beautifully flawed delight, my imagined sensation. ~ You shall be named Oswald, not much shorter than me, with […]

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– handkerchiefs –

Searching for the source, ‘where did it start to turn left?’ ‘Where did the loss begin, losing the beat in my breast?’ Was it ev’ry holiday that you didn’t pass through, not seeing handkerchiefs under the tree Ma had bought for you? ~ You can’t lose what you never had, but I could’ve sworn I […]

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– leave them alone –

Leave them alone. Leave them alone. Act like you’re grown – just leave them; please leave them a- ~ so you find yourself sittin’ around on a Saturday night. Slammin’ at the Slammer or Midtowne won’t make the world shine bright. Now you’re thinkin’ without drinkin’ and you’re learning from the dark, all these men […]

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– my benediction –

Pick me up, when I pick myself apart again. Stitch me up, when I bust open each of my limbs. DON’T FAIL ME, don’t bail on this convict, with less conviction. DON’T FAIL ME, don’t bail if I’m wanted. My benediction ~ is a plea longer than most, a beggar’s breath I cannot boast, looks […]

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