– without david ruffin… –

Derrick bullied me in the hallways, in my mind brought varsity blues, to go along with rhythm in the corridors I did stew. Labeled me “David Ruffin…” without him, The Temps ain’t nothin’! All I saw was the drug addict Leon played, blind to all his real-life ways. He sang the sweetest songs, led the […]

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– the queen and her guitar –

  No makeup natural, diamond shine professional – recognize royalty when you’re in her presence. Glasses built like iron, Medusa tresses wired – respect her gifts ’cause she is a present. A queen like her namesake, real gem no fake, knockoff on the curb, true woman of her word, and you’ll know when she takes […]

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– traces of him –

Foggy memory of face, an outline bold as ink, don’t I know he left a trace in each concept I think? The genius gene in my fingertip, I see the print… I see the traces of him… free bird swoop into art, thinking of him… how his words set my start, traces of me… and […]

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– etched in my mind –

I won’t forget even when I should. I’m in- capable… it’s incredible. What pencil, what utensil was used on my memory? Sketched up the portraits I can’t burn, etched up and open to the lessons learn. Art from the dark, ’til death do I part, will be more than just a memory. ~ False flags, […]

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