– battered hands –

Backwards and over… backwards and over… no four leaf clover, just messy backhands kept to myself. Didn’t I notice… in the commotion… that deep pink potion was the solution keeping such a problem? These battered hands aren’t as battered as they are burned, and this battered fool still has all the will to learn. Backwards […]

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– a royal sendoff –

Tah tah and good luck; you’ll need it for where you’re going. No suitcase or bucks – just assurance of knowing you made a court jester out of me for the last time, now I’m overthrowing the crown, and I’ll gladly take what’s mine. Now I have assurance of knowing king is I and I […]

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– kissing at the airport –

One couple kissing at the airport, Sunday afternoon love scene all detailed by heart. Same couple hugging at the airport, next a secret handshake before bussing starts. Now this could be us, but you don’t know how to play, oh how it would be us, but I don’t know how to stay, so… one couple […]

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– quiet child –

Hey quiet child, I know it doesn’t look factual but you matter to me. Yes quiet child, your silence is your bond but you still sing sweet harmony, so beat your chest to the beat or not, closed fist straight wrist. Bang your chest in the street or not, wide palm your psalm. Every day […]

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– sun emoji –

Receive the blessing… receive the charm… receive the message deep in my stronger arm. Retrieve the loving… that I need and want to run that miracle mile. Seeing on the bright side, sun blind in both of my eyes, even stare into the night – why would I run and hide when the magnet is […]

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– wrong with us –

We’re the best at wearing our truths patched into our youth as the world watches. Where there’s smoke, there’s wired one-liners born from patterns tried and tired. We’re the best at wearing our scars traced onto our hearts never forgotten. Where there’s drank, there’s real vibrations, sexy time, and salutations… and still we’re the worst, […]

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