– greenwood burning –

“Silence them,” they thought. “Disrupt. Deflate. Diminish. Shower them all knee deep in hellfire. Devastate the streets they put their bones and sweat into constructing. Leave as little of their creations standing in the ashes.  They are undeserving of a prosperous community. They are undeserving of an equal livelihood. They are not equal; how can […]

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– titanium television –

It’s the kind of entertainment that pierces and penetrates in a time when the culture needs to be pierced and penetrated, questioned and dissected, reflected and honored like never before. Whether it’s taking excursions to Atlanta or The Chi, chillin’ in the quad, building an empire, becoming a star, being bold like Mary Jane, handling […]

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– video soul –

Ma made my surroundings influential. The latest and greatest in R&B made my night complete. Donnie & Sherry made my childhood simplistic, made my worries wander off, connected my soul to the culture (or as much as of it as Ma would allow before bedtime). The beauty of the 1990s… ~ ~ D.J.W.

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– the lovings are… –

The Lovings are a lighthouse, a rescuer dripped with patriotism. The Lovings are a ballad, commanding and demanding in tempo and mood. The Lovings are a firework, dancing with stars, galloping in the sky. The Lovings are a bass drum, a tremor exploding with each hit. The Lovings are Colleen and Kevan, Vickey and Matt, […]

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– one drop –

Dripping from the lips of monstrous mortals, one drop falls into the shining sea, creating the dim ripple that will rip apart the self-worth in generations, mimicking true law and true class among the classes in your land, in my land, from California to the New York Island. Is this land truly made for you […]

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– passions and occupations –

Litigator. Basketball player. Hip-hop artist. Councilman-turned-mayor. Engineer. Backup dancer. CEO. High sea sailor. Hear ye all teachers and preachers, jewelers and money movers – pursue the passion. Pursue the career. Double up if the spirit moves you to. Tongues in your environment should not dictate… either should the pigment of your skin. ~ ~ D.J.W.

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– kin –

Forgive me for my attraction to distraction; the allure of interrupting my growth is a more familiar relative to me than any of my daddy’s siblings. ~ ~ D.J.W.  

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