– thousand oaks –

The only route I know to get to Thousand Oaks involves one train and two buses to the west. Not often do I go down those gold laden roads, but do you mind if I dis- cuss it at my best? It’s such a strange town walk around hills like Kentucky, bus station shop laden […]

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– 1950s love ballad –

In the next round of love… I will slow down the record – light, with a twinkle, just short of innocent, unde- niable… then play it again. There is such a thing as too fast and loose, for this present bop has got me on the move, so darling be patient if you’re here in […]

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– you love him –

Cooking you will do; don’t for- get the cleaning too.  Sharing dreams and sharing rooms is not the only thing you do… and all you ask is his heart to beat in your two palms alone, keep the names of others out his mouth ’cause your name should mean ‘home’. Then-when he breaks, you will […]

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– hashtag helping –

#PrayForThisCity… #ThatNationStrong. Do I feel pity… with all the raging on? Yes disaster strikes and scars, but is it just quite so subpar when hashtag prayers get in… the way of active hearts? Can’t you, can’t I, can’t we take a break from hashtag helping? Rough these hands up to rebuild, rest these phones and […]

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