– el jefe –

If… there were ev-er words… to piss you off… here they come. My cu… riosity is pounding, pulsating, beating like a tribal drum. I see the throwback pics, galas and luscious trips, and the love between you two. So please ex- cuse my rude, my lack for keeping cool, but I have to ask of […]

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– dimples –

Let your dimples dis-tract-me… before I fall into the deep. Let your smile at-tract-me… when this wicked world makes me weep. You see, I need a kind face, who will give me just a taste of some kind of grandeur, kind of grace, a soul no evil could ever take. Let your dimples dis-tract-me… before […]

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– incomparable –

Un- til I meet somebody new… un- til a new face strolls down the lane, I won’t kill my daydream of you… for do you know that you are not the same? Your glasses and freckles and dark curly hair, your freedom to love and faint savoir-faire – why are you so damn incom- parable? […]

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– easier –

You will never reject me; I won’t be thrown away. You will never neglect me; forever yours I will stay, because it’s eas-i-er to keep the fantasy, yes indeed. We know it’s dream-i-er to forget re- ality, for all I need is to hear you say you love me in my land of make-believe; tell me in […]

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– questions of my own –

Excuse my intrusion, no disrespect on a Saturday, but THIS WON’T WAIT… an inquiry for a later date. Is it an illusion, or aren’t you molded like a saint? Please DON’T DELAY… give your best answer right away. Now while we’re on the subject, can my heart ask more and more? Do you like the […]

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– california ice cold –

Wind snap, two times for the birds, the greatest shock in Cali so far I’ve heard. Spring fling must’ve died without a clue, no blossoms in my front or rear view. It’s just a splash of intrigue when  surf and sand chill under my feet. It’s just a splash of intrigue when it’s your warmth […]

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