– revelation –

I confessed to Brother Daniel my sin. I could almost taste the fear vomiting from my mouth as I divulged to him my forbidden feeling for his beauty, in his bedroom, in the eye of the evening. I believe now he reacted the way I knew he would, based on the make-up of his man-made […]

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– coastline –

Sounds of guitar riff thrashing, with ev’ry wave that’s crashing over me and under me, upon the coast 90 degrees. Wear some sunscreen on my face and my heart open to chase on my sleeve and on my jeans, any place where you’d capture me. The sand between my toes doesn’t know all the miles I […]

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– vision board –

a book of poetry a musical project a tour of the galaxy a constant home to label my own a constant skull to dream in a constant set of hands to assemble existence out of the nonexistent a repayment for Ma’s loans and bailouts a courage only maturity can grant you a Dodge RT Challenger […]

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– binary –

  When I reflect on my truth as a black being on this planet, two sides of a specific phrase come to mind. One is “oh shit… I’m black.” I carry this not-so-hidden burden, this not-so-invisible load, this shameful questioning of myself and why this skin was chosen for me, why certain people see this […]

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– delorean –

  Speak it out loud. Scribble it down. Pray in silence if need be. Keep the voices of the ugly hushed out, blackened, chilled beneath your fiery wheels; only you and the stars know the absolution you need to level up. Maintain a steady sense of hope, no matter how unsteady the course was before […]

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