– a royal sendoff –

Tah tah and good luck; you’ll need it for where you’re going. No suitcase or bucks – just assurance of knowing you made a court jester out of me for the last time, now I’m overthrowing the crown, and I’ll gladly take what’s mine. Now I have assurance of knowing king is I and I […]

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– following spree –

The “‘gram” is a wild, less-than-mild world, a garden of visual wonder in the social media age. Leave me, however, to discover consequence in playing follow the leader. The people and places, the poets and pornographers, how most spar each day in story and through feed for my brown irises, my double taps, my undivided […]

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– my parent the parrot –

I know Dad isn’t aware of his repetition in talking my ear off with the same lines in every phone call between us. The stories of previous Alabama misadventures, the glory of his dealings in the art community, and the common words in his own speeches on Black history are all sometimes discussed in the […]

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– new ritual –

After the away game, coming home to the coastline is a nutrient; it is a necessity. The Pacific is always the reminder that this is the haven you’ve longed for, the fruition of childhood longing, more than you could have fantasized of when you first viewed its glory, even on a rainy February afternoon. The […]

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– kissing at the airport –

One couple kissing at the airport, Sunday afternoon love scene all detailed by heart. Same couple hugging at the airport, next a secret handshake before bussing starts. Now this could be us, but you don’t know how to play, oh how it would be us, but I don’t know how to stay, so… one couple […]

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– belizean brit –

My college peer Britnae has stood the test of time. Carrying the same Long Island spunk from our last face-to-face, marriage and motherhood have not watered down Mrs. Tillett, even in the home stretch of a second pregnancy. If reality is a blazing building, Belizean Brit is holding the matches AND the gasoline. The nerve […]

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